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* all students can and have the right to learn;

* providing a safe and positive learning environment is a foremost expectation;

* setting of higher expectations better prepares students to function successfully;

* creating a climate that allows learning from failure and encourages risk taking;

* and modeling by adults will foster the dignity and respect expected from students.
Mission Statement
The Dike-New Hartford School District provides:

-Quality educational opportunities to encourage every student to reach their individual potential and to become productive citizens and life-long learners; and

-Quality educational and recreational facilities for the benefit of all members of the district.
* Positive Attitude

* Responsibility

* Honesty

* Ethics

* Integrity

* Respectfulness

* Self-Discipline
Vision Statement
Dike-New Hartford is a district in which all students are challenged and supported in reaching their full potential because the district provides: a curriculum which makes individualized challenging opportunities available for all, a staff of lifelong learners who continuously improve their skills, a safe environment with a foundation of full community support and a climate of commitment to continual improvement.

-The district has a full slate of curricular and extracurricular opportunities which are available to all and prepare all students for a productive future.

-Excellent support systems are in place to assure that each child has what it takes to meet their full potential.

-Teachers at all levels of the system continually expand their knowledge to assure that high district standards are met.

-Students develop strong relationships with staff and community, which ensure their security.
1. Collaborative Worker
* participates as a team member
* governs self by group rules and values
* demonstrates effective interpersonal skills
* effectively uses conflict management skills
* supports group decisions

2. Effective Communicator
* speaks clearly and communicates message
* adapts message to various audiences
* receives, attends to interprets and responds accurately to nonverbal communication
* communicates thoughts, ideas, information and messages in writing
* interprets written information

3. Quality Producer
* sets priorities and achievable goals
* meets or exceeds expectations
* manages time
* monitors and assesses progress
* assumes responsibility for actions

4. Critical Thinker
* makes intelligent decisions
* willing to learn from success and failures
* seeks full understanding
* develops solutions based on sound evidence

5. Problem Solver
* identifies parameters of the problem
* gathers information from appropriate sources
* generates a variety of options
* applies strategies to make decisions
* reflects on decisions

6. Knowledgeable Person
* reads, writes, performs arithmetic and mathematical operations
* able and willing to learn
* uses a variety of technologies
* acquires and uses information

7. Contributing Citizen
* predict consequences of global events to their own lives
* identifies life-long methods to preserve our natural resources
* supports community efforts
* provides leadership
* works well with people from diverse backgrounds